Sunday, May 26, 2013


Pop Tarts Earstuds
Strawberry, Berry Lemon
RM 15 per pair

Donuts Earstuds
Chocolate Mint, Pastel Sprinkles
RM 12 per pair

I Love Mustache Earstuds
Round, Square
RM 16 per pair

Instagram Earstuds
RM 18

Whatsapp Earstuds
RM 16

Toffee Mustache Cupcake Earrings
RM 14

Coral Macaron with Gold Key Hanger
RM 12

For Him For Her Earrings
RM 12

Roses Cupcake Earrings
RM 15

Whip Cream Mustache Cupcake Earrings
RM 14

Polar Bear with Macaron Dust Plug
RM 14

Molang with Cookie Dust Plug
RM 14

Dust Plug: RM 14
Earrings: RM 15
Ring: RM 12

Vintage Black Tie Earstuds
RM 30 per set

Coral Coloured Roses
Earstuds: RM 15
Hairpin: RM8

Sesame Street Earstuds
RM 16 per pair

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