Sunday, December 6, 2009

Item # 005 - Floral Flush

*clincher not inclusive of purchase*

Bought from: MonCheriex

Selling for: RM20

Colour: Assorted; black, white, grey, red.

Details: lovely tube top with big flowers printed all over it. smocked back. stated free-sized, but most likely it'll suit a UK2-6 best. there's a red sash inclusive of purchase too!

Condition: worn once, for a very short time.

Reason for Selling: i don't really wear it, and i'm closet-clearing.

Status: Available.

Item # 003 - Planet of the Apes

continuation of affordable t-shirts! :)

Bought from: 1 Utama

Selling for: RM10

Colour: Black

Details: baby-tee with wordings. most likely for UK 4-6.

Condition: BRAND-NEW.

Reason for Selling: too tight for my sister, she's never worn it before.

Status: Available.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Item #002 - Get A Brain!

and the following posts are t-shirts! :D

Bought from: 1 Utama

Selling for: RM 10

Colour: Dark Brown

Details: a baby-tee with cute words! :)

Condition: BRAND-NEW

Reason for Selling: too tight for my sister, and she doesn't wear it.

Status: Available.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The party's just begun :)

hello, beautiful people!

we have just started a brand-spanking-new pre-loved blogshop, aptly called - ;D

it's partially an homage to the most gorgeous doctor on TV,

Meredith Grey.

do stay tuned for awesome updates :)

we'll deliver, i promise.