Thursday, June 10, 2010

Item #025 - Shimmery Clubbing Top

Selling for: RM25

Colour: Shimmery Brown

Details: Clubbing Top! Halter, with a really awesome chain neck strap! from Padini, tagged Size M, fits UK6-10.

Condition: Worn Once lightly.

Reason for Selling: It's TOO LOOSE for me! so annoying :(

Status: Available.

Item #024 - Tribal Halter

Selling for: RM25

Colour: Assorted.

Details: Printed Halter Dress, with a really unique halter strap! I think it looks really tribal, and tribal's totally in for Fall/Winter 2010! :D

Condition: Untouched

Reason for Selling: Impulse purchase, I don't have a chance to wear it.

Status: Available.

Item #024 - Pretty Spaghetti with Leaf Clincher

Selling for: RM 30, inclusive of clincher. *steal!*

Colour: Purple

Details: Pretty Purple Spaghetti Top, with nice ruching detail at the chest part. Fits UK6-10.

Condition: Worn Once.

Reason for Selling: It's slightly loose on me. Very pretty though :)

Status: Available.

Item #023 - Romp Long Top

Selling for: RM 20

Colour: Black

Details: Simple long top for petites/dress for the leggy ones from ROMP :) Less is MORE, no?

Condition: Worn Once lightly.

Reason for Selling: Impulse purchase, and I never wear it.

Status: Available.

Item #022 - Radz My World

Selling for: RM 15

Colour: Purple

Details: A simple casual blouse which can be worn despite rain or shine. =D comfy cotton. bought from RADIOACTIVE.
Size: M size. UK 4- petite 8

Condition: Untouched.

Reason for Selling: Too small for me. =(

Status: Available.

Item #021 - Pluck Me A Flower

Selling for: RM 25

Colour: red

Details: clip-on flower. has the lovely natural look of a flower. bought from DIVA.
Condition: Untouched, with tags on.

Reason for Selling: Impulse purchase, mail me for measurements! ;)
Status: Available

Item #020 - Sassy Shorts

Selling for: RM 18

Colour: White

Details: thick cotton polished white shorts. a lil low waisted. =D brings out the curves from the hips downwards ;)

Leg length - approximately 18.5cm
Hip Width - approximately 38 cm

Size: M size (preferably UK 6- petite 8 )

Condition: Worn once for 2 hours, tip top condition =)

Reason for Selling: Too many shorts. HAHA ;D

Status: Available.