Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Item #018 - Whitewash

Selling for: RM 15

Colour: White

Details: Worn a little higher than normal shorts, not EXACTLY high waisted, but not low-waisted either. it has a flouncy feel to it somehow, lol :D Fun and quirky!

Trouser length - approximately 32 cm

Waist Width - approximately 35.5 cm

Condition: Worn twice

Reason for Selling: Too many shorts. HAHA ;D

Status: Available.

Item #017 - Casual Shorts

Selling for: RM 15

Colour: White with very thin Light Brown and Chocolate Brown Stripes

Details: Made of THICK cotton, not transparent. Cuffed trouser legs. VERY VERY Versatile! ;)

Leg length - approximately 27cm

Hip Width - approximately 42 cm

Condition: Untouched

Reason for Selling: Too Big for me :(

Status: Available.