Thursday, December 23, 2010

Item #043 - Authentic Vincci

Selling for: RM58

Colour: Black

Details: Vincci heels with velvet coverings as seen in pic 4.. =D suitable for formal dinners as well as to work for you working ladies.. ;) very comfy!!

Size: Vincci 35/4

Condition: Worn Once

Status: Available.

Item #042 - Stylish Working Pumps

(a little blackish stain at the white area, i'm convinced its removable ;) )

Selling for: RM28

Colour: Black with White

Details: Comfy pumps made for working women with style.. ;) no defects apart from the small stains which i'm convinced ARE removable.. =D

Size: Vincci 37/6

Condition: Worn Once

Status: Available.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Item #032 - Navy Blue Polka Dress

*pic credited to The Spring Attic*

Selling for: RM15

Colour: Navy blue

Details: Sweet & cute dress with a little added flair at the bottom, tiny white polka dots on top of it, knitted chested area, could go with a tube top. :)

Size: fits UK4-10

Condition: Brand New!