Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Item #135 - Nicole Polo Top

Selling for: RM15 

Colour: black

Details: cotton polo tee with buttoned sleeves.

Size: tagged M, fits UK4-small10

Condition: worn once


Item #134 - Long Pink Top

Selling for: RM10

Colour: hot pink!

Details: stretchy cotton (super stretchy, i kid you not^^)

Size: tagged M, fits UK4-10

Condition: worn once


Item #133 - Assorted Tank Tops

Design A

Design C

Design D

Selling for: RM10 each (purchase more for greater deals)

Colour: Design A (cropped stripped tank), Design C (long fitted tank)Reserved, Design D (loose width tank)

Details: all made of cotton, versatile wear.

Size: fits UK4-10 (till bust 38C) *email for measurements*

Condition: worn once


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Item #132 - Padini Shirts

Design A

Design B

Design C

All in size S

Selling for: RM25 each including postage

Colour: Design A (white base with light blue vertical stripes), Design B (white base with various tones of blue stripes), Design C (navy blue base with alternate stripes in light blue and white)

Details: cotton OL material, structurally fitted. comes in short and long sleeves.

Size: tagged S, fits UK4-small8 (email for measurements)

Condition: worn once


Monday, October 1, 2012

Item #129 - Equation Tank Top

*pic credited to My Kind Of Style*

Selling for: RM18 

Colour: greyish black based low cut cotton tank top

Details: cotton material with non-functional zippers at both sides at the the front ( channel the soldier look i guess^^), not see-through at all, not elastic at the waist area.

Size: tagged S, fits UK4-8 (till bust 36C)

Condition: not worn